Cushing Mooring Rules
New Moorings
If you have placed a mooring, float, aquaculture site or navigation marker without documenting it to the town, you must apply for a permit, one for each item separately – two moorings, two permits. A permit application form can be found on the Harbormaster’s Home Page. Certain moorings or sites require prior Coast Guard, Dept. of the Army and/or various Maine State Agency approvals, which must be included with the permit application – e.g. certain commercial use, quantity beyond reasonable personal use, navigation restriction, aquaculture, rentals, etc.
Acquiring Existing Moorings
If you have assumed the use of a mooring, float, aquaculture site or navigation marker without documenting it to the town, you must apply for a permit for each item separately. Section 6.5 of the ordinance states that permits “are not transferrable”; so, if you acquired a site from a previous owner you must apply for a permit. This occurs most frequently on sales of waterfront property, or existing boat owners selling vessels/floats in situ, for example.

If you acquire a mooring in an area where there is a waiting list, you will be required to turn it over to the first person or entity on such a list.
Unpermitted Moorings
If, for whatever reason, you do not have a permit, please, please, just simply fill out an application now. Even if your family has been here since Weymouth’s time and has always had a mooring at your location, just take the time to document it. It’s not that hard. There is no charge, only the warm feeling you have done your civic duty,

Note: No permit, no site. The harbormaster is required to clean up sites where an owner has not identified him/herself.
By 7/1/2013 and thereafter, all moorings must be marked with a white or red ball. The ball must clearly show a valid owner identity – permit number, boat number or owner’s initials and phone number. As this identity weathers or the vessel changes, the owner should refresh the text so that it is correct and always readable.
Constant Mapping
The Harbormaster will constantly be surveying and photographing the waters of Cushing to locate all moorings, floats, aquaculture sites and locally placed markers to match them to existing permit documentation. This data will be constantly be updated on town charts or maps.